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Find a pet store or pet shop in Miami, Florida in the list below. Buy online or find a store near you for dog, cat, tropical fish, bird, or reptile supplies. Pet supplies such as dog collars, tropical fish tanks, cat carriers, reptile & bird cages, food & leashes for cats or dogs...
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Miami pet stores

Pet Supermarket
Pet Island
Ocean Fantasy
Neighborhood Fish Farm
Neptune's Aquarium
M I A Reptiles
Lama's Pet Shop
The Little River Pet Supply
Luv Them Pets
Gables Aquariums
Feathers From Heaven
Birdland Of Miami
Atlantis Aquariums
Amado Pet Shop
Amazing Aquariums
Simbad's Bird House
Exotic Aquariums
Zun Zun Pet Shop
Top Hat Aquarium
Reef Dreams Aquariums
Portofino Pet Shop
Professional Pet Products


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BOARDING KENNEL - Cat & Dog Boarding in Miami: A list of boarding kennels for dogs & cats.

Area code is (305)
2895 SW 28th Terrace 529-1800
12014 SW 88th Street 412-0244
7197 SW 8th Street 269-7939
15285 SW 178th Terrace 971-5516
12150 SW 45th Street 221-8013
4095 SW 137th Avenue 554-0707
12344 SW 131st Avenue 278-9280
6791 SW 8th Street 264-3885
101 NW 79th Street 759-2882
4095 SW 137th Avenue 554-7260
1565 Sunset Drive 662-7300
9818 SW 77th Avenue (786) 277.7855
7111 W Flagler Street 261-9861
14321 S Dixie Highway 971-7404
1891 NW 21st Street 547-1868
8343 SW 40th Street 559-9838
7201 SW 40th Street 262-6077
7399 SW 40th Street 266-0978
9853 SW 40th Street 554-9868
10771 SW 188th Street 251-2871
10459 SW 40th Street 559-2428
1623 NW 27th Avenue 633-7994
1873 NW 97th Avenue 592-1992


PLEASE DO NOT buy a puppy, kitten, cat or dog from a pet store OR breeder. Instead contact your local humane society, they often have lots of puppies. If you really want a certain breed, there are "breed specific" rescue organizations all over the country.

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