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Find a pet store or pet shop in Wichita, Kansas in the list below. Buy online or find a store near you for dog, cat, tropical fish, bird, or reptile supplies. Pet supplies such as dog collars, tropical fish tanks, cat carriers, reptile & bird cages, food & leashes for cats or dogs...
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Wichita pet stores

Pet Haven
Pet Set Grooming
Mona's Dog Grooming
One Stop Pet Shop
Doggie Diner & Pet Pantry
Fins & Feathers Pet Shop
Gupton's Pets & Supplies
Chirp n Squawk Bird Supplies
Best Friends Pet and Vet Supply
Birds of Paradise
Busy Birds
Animal House Pets & Supplies
Sea Dreams
Prairie Pet Supply
Pet Circus Grooming
Wild Thing


VETERINARIANS in Wichita: Animal hospitals for a dog, cat, pet...

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BOARDING KENNEL - Cat & Dog Boarding in Wichita: A list of boarding kennels for dogs & cats.

Area code 316

2524 West 13th Street N 942-2151
905 South Seneca Street 267-6334
230 North Wood Avenue 722-4899
1010 West 31st Street S 529-1368
911 West 31st Street S 522-9030
601 North West Street 945-6554
2815 George Washington Blvd 682-8111
3805 W. 13th Street 946-0699
600 South Tyler Road 722-9478
149 South Washington Street 263-0850
4710 West Central Avenue 943-9433
9432 W. Central 722-3800
South Pawnee & Hillside 683-8770
625 East Pawnee Street 267-8544
3615 N Rock Road 630-8026
533 S Tracy St 944-0470
517 Kopplin Street 838-9055
3727 W Douglas 941-3660


PLEASE DO NOT buy a puppy, kitten, cat or dog from a pet store OR breeder. Instead contact your local humane society, they often have lots of puppies. If you really want a certain breed, there are "breed specific" rescue organizations all over the country.

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